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I have been in practice 48 years. Over the years, I have had the occasion to use several dental labs for partials and dentures. About 10 years ago, I had the opportunity to use Abbe Dental Arts and was delighted. The first partial that they fabricated for me just dropped into place when I put it in the mouth of the patient. It was like swoosh -when a basketball goes though the goal and touches nothing but net. The past several years I continue to get the same extra high quality work. On several occasions, I have picked up the phone and told Rick how much fun he makes practicing dentistry for me.


Dentures used to be my least favorite procedure and I used to refer out the most of them.  Since working with Rick, I am doing 3-4 times more dentures than I used to. Actually, the immediate denture is now one of my favorite procedures.  Rick is always there to support and highly reliable.  I strongly recommend other dentists to try Rick!!

Dr. Richard C. Cauley, DDS - Big Spring, Texas

​​Erin E. Stockton, DMD - Albuquerque, NM

Kai Simms  - Abilene, Texas  

Thank you kindly for providing dental assistant expanded duty lab related training. Rick, the team was absolutely motivated by your presentation. You provided all of the supplies, patient volunteers and experience, necessary to facilitate an excpetional training day. Your training identified dental assistant competencies related to improving the patient experience, reducing doctor chair side time: namely, impression technique, chosing appropriate tooth shades, occlusion, mid-line makring, denture wax-up, model pour up and model trimming. Dental Assistants usually rely upon on the job training to master the skill set required to assisstant and often, that requires a lot of the dentists' and other employees' time. You delivered a four hour in-office training session that everybody learned from. Again, we appreciate you and thanks!

I have been using Abbe Dental Arts since 2012 when I used to practice in Abilene, TX and I think they are the absolute finest.  I moved from Texas to New Mexico to start my own practice and was unhappy with the local lab work I received.  I know that the best decision I could make for my patients and my practice (and my sanity!) was to send my work to Abbe Dental Arts, even if this meant shipping cases back and forth.  I am so very grateful to be able to work with Rick and his team.  There are few things more stressful than trying to deliver prosthetic work that just doesn’t fit or look right, and this is something I NEVER worry about in working with this lab.  If you want to go back to the time when people cared more about their craft than mass production of a product, when you got to know the actual people who work on your cases, and you know they care about the end result as much as you do, I would highly advise you try out this lab.  It is absolutely the best, hands down.

Dr. Gene Shelhamer, DDS - Abilene, Texas 

Dr. Han Choi, DDS - Lubbock / Plainview, Texas 

Double Digit years is a testimony to a good relationship between a dentist and his lab.  For over 20 years Rick was always available on both routine and special needs prosthetics.  Communication was always good.  His advice, when needed, helped me with my patients.  Cases were handled promptly and returned.  Rick’s work was excellent.”