Flexible Partials

Valplast® Process
Valplast® Partial is a metal-free partial that provides a natural tissue blend. It is flexible, lightweight and has the ability to hide perio involved teeth. Restoring to a natural looking gum line.

Duraflex Process
Duraflex is an advanced thermoplastic dental material that is lightweight, natural looking and stain resistant.

FRS Injection Process
FRS is for esthetic partial dentures and strong night guards.
FRS offers a range of flexibility from a firmer resilient design to a
super flexible partial.

* 10 days in lab turnaround

Acrylic Partial

Removable restoration to enhance the patient's appearance, that will function well, and fit comfortably.
It is an Ideal appliance for patients during the healing phase of the implant, and crown and bridge restoration treatment and or permanent final flexible and cast metal partials.

* 4 days in lab turnaround

Cast Metal Partial

An affordable restoration solution for many patients. Removable partial denture made with Vitallium® 2000 Alloy, which has a high tinsel strength with flex, for excellent fit and adjustability.

*10 days in lab turnaround

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